Welcome to AAA Tax Service of America, Inc!
Our business started in 1986 when our founder, Joseph Granade, was laid off. With the encouragement of a few individuals from his church, Joe started his own tax business. This business was started from a dream and grew into a reality. From there you could say "the rest is history"

Joe has seen generations of people come through his office. From parents to children to the children's children. AAA Tax is not just "another" tax office. We pride ourselves on our relationship with our customer and our personalized service. We hope to be able to help you with yours and your families tax needs. Come by and see us! We are located at 3106 Augusta Road in West Columbia, SC 29170 or if you have any questions call us at (803)791-5503.

AAA Tax Service of America, Inc. provides you with a quality tax preparation experience. When you prepare your 1040 Tax Return, you're putting together one of the most important financial documents of the year. This is the reason we recommend everyone invest in a tax professional's help. Our staff will help you gather all of your income, assess what deductions you qualify for, explain tax credits, and summarize your year by determining whether you are due a refund or owe additional tax to the IRS.